Friday , January 18th 2019
    The Aroma of Coffee


DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System Product Review

If you’re reading this then you’re probably a coffee drinker and if you’re a coffee drinker then you drink it every day, possibly even more than once. There is a golden rule when it comes to stuff that you use every day, and that is never to skimp on quality. The biggest mistake you can make is trying to save on a mattress, a kitchen appliance, your car and in this case, your coffee maker. Coffee is a luxury commodity and unless each cup is perfect every time all the time, you’re not going to enjoy your luxury to the fullest. Why would you do that to yourself?

DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System

DeLonghi made the Silver LattissimaPlusNespresso Capsule System (wow, a mouthful there, DeLonghi) which seeks to eliminate any variable from your coffee preparation ritual which should hopefully make every cup of coffee taste exactly the same and you’ll never ever again be frustrated because your coffee doesn’t taste right. Some people would argue that automatic machines take out the soul of the coffee, but if the machine does it right then that shouldn’t be the case. DeLonghi, with the Lattissima plus model has brought the coffee preparation process down to mathematics level. With so many options to choose, you can experiment until you hit that sweet spot and then save your elixir in the machine’s memory. Next time you crave for a cup of coffee, you just hit a single button and you get the exact same result. It’s kind of like the Replicator in Star trek really, and is a clear sign that we’re living in a bright future.

DeLonghi’sLattissima plus system has illuminated controls. Why? You’re not going to use your coffee maker in the dark? Well just in case you change your mind on this, it’s good to know that you still can. While on the topic about controls, you get to choose among cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Espresso coffee, long coffee or hot milk. Regardless which one you choose, unlike other machines the Lattissima plus is not going to keep you waiting. Well, maybe just a little bit, 40 seconds to be precise thanks to its thermoblock heating system and the machine’s self-priming operation which reduces the heat up time significantly. That doesn’t mean that the machine is an energy guzzler though, quite the contrary because it has an auto sleep function which is engaged after nine minutes since the last drink was created, but this can of course be changed to anywhere between 8 to 30 minutes to meet your preferences.

From time to time you’ll have to clean the machine and luckily it has never been easier because the machine does most of the work automatically with a self-cleaning cycle. However, if you really have to get your hands dirty, you’ll be happy to find out that all components which might need cleaning are easy to remove, clean and re-install in just a couple of minutes. Since the machine has a capsule system, you don’t have to dispose of any grounds either, everything is self contained. The machine has a compact body and minimalistic design; it fits right at home in any kitchen. Regardless if you just want a cup of coffee before heading to work or have a very particular taste, the Lattissima Plus will probably be able to take care of you. If there is any truth in the saying that the morning makes the day, then starting a day with the perfect cup of coffee will set you on the right track.

Its dimensions are 6.6 x 12.5 x 10.2 inches and it weighs only 11.4 pounds


Makes most of the drinks

Nice Illuminated Controls

fast. can be used in 40 seconds

Compact and easy to clean

Energy saving options

Memory settings for your preferred drinks


Some users have complained about not pumping water

Slightly high in price