Friday , January 18th 2019
    The Aroma of Coffee


Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker with 12 oz Product Review

Man, coffee world can be so complex and hard to understand. Machines come in all shapes and sizes, prices differ wildly and that’s just for the humble home machine, let’s not even get started on different hand tools such as French presses. Can’t a person just push a button and have coffee any more, does it always have to be an ordeal just to find out that your coffee is nothing like it was yesterday despite using the same ingredients? For some time now there have been machines that use pods instead of raw grounds and it has been met with mixed emotions. Some claim pods have been an epiphany in their lives, other frown upon the idea of having a robot make your first morning beverage. Whether you can accept it or not though, we’re living in a brave new world where technology is freeing up our hands to do other, more exciting things. Hopefully this last sentence won’t be misinterpreted.

Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker

All jokes aside though, Keurig’s K575 is designed to remove one chore out of your life and to be honest there’s no reason why you’d crave for chores especially early in the morning when you fully realize that you’re about to go out in a world where most things work against you. It is a moment when you need every fragment of positive energy on your side.

The K575 is capable of filling a 12 oz container with the beverage of your choice and the water reservoir holds 80 oz which should be enough for about 10 normal cups hopefully saving you time and further reducing the steps you need to take before having a proper relaxing cup of coffee. Eventually you’ll have to refill it though and you’ll be delighted to find that it takes no more than a minute to remove, fill and reinstall the water container.

The brew size is up to you and can be anywhere from 4 to 12 oz or a 22, 26 and 30 oz carafe just in case a kick start isn’t enough and you’re in dire need of a nuclear power plant to drive you through the day. Hey, we don’t judge, it happens to all of us eventually. In addition to the size though, you can control the strength as well and get this – it works on any k-cup pod! Yes, now you can intensify any flavor which opens the floodgates for so much experimentation. Oh and temperature can be controlled too, in case you wanted your beverage hotter or cooler. That’s freedom of choice never before seen in a pod based machine.

If tea is what you want then Keurig won’t ditch you because the K575 dispenses hot water on demand as well. To stay up to speed with current trends and further make your life easier, there are no boring dials and buttons. What you get is a sleek color touch screen making this machine as familiar as your phone. The controls are easy to learn and you can have a drink in under a minute, easy. Remember that brave new world we talked about a while before? Well, this humble coffee maker can be programmed to turn on or off at set times and yes, this means that you can have a fresh cup of coffee as soon as you’re back home.

When the day ends though, the K575 will hibernate its systems and await the morning when it can once again faithfully serve you. Even while it sleeps it has your back though, because there are different varieties of night lights to choose which will illuminate your kitchen at night, hopefully saving you from a stubbed toe and a lot of swearing.

To start with, Keurig has included 6-Count K-Cup Pod Variety Pack and 2 water filters with 1 water filter handle.

The Keurig weighs 13.7 lbs and the dimensions are 13.63 x 10.43 x 13.45 inches.