Friday , January 18th 2019
    The Aroma of Coffee


Culinary Prestige French Press Coffee & Tea Maker (34 Oz) Product Review

Let us start this journey with a sad disclaimer – whatever is said here in this review isn’t even half of what this device truly is. You really have to see it to believe it, nothing else will do it justice so take everything we say and multiply it.

Culinary Prestige French Press Coffee

Now, coffee can be a drink to kick start your day and give you the energy to deal with what the world is about to throw in your face. That’s a legitimate reason but remember that whereas water is a necessity, coffee is a luxury commodity. Nobody is going to cringe if you drink water straight out of the warm, sun-bathed bottle that is 3 years old, but coffee was meant to be enjoyed and knowing that, why would you want to buy a no name coffee maker of shady origin that promises to give you coffee but instead what comes out of it resembles an old lady’s diarrhea? Rethink your life, you’re probably living the second third of it, do you really think that you have enough time to waste on mediocre coffee? Well, this doesn’t apply to you vampires out there obviously but if you’re a human then it’s really time to upgrade at least one aspect of your life. Start with your morning coffee.

Make way electronic warriors, the French press is here to take over the territory. It’s how coffee was meant to be born and each cup is made with your own effort so in essence it contains a bit of your soul if you believe in that sort of things. Not every French press is made equal though and Culinary Prestige knows this, hence they decided to simply stop being everyday and mediocre and went for the summit apex. The coffee press that out of that effort is nothing short of breathtaking. There are no compromises, the whole thing is made out of 18/8 stainless steel that the rest of the mortal world uses to make high end cutlery. Are you getting this? A French press made from the same material as high quality chef knives. Now this here would be a “mic drop” moment but Culinary Prestige didn’t stop and went a step further to make the cup out of no-shatter glass. Cherry on top, the handle doesn’t even heat up.

Oh no, we’re not done yet here. The best is yet to come and let’s have a word about the design. The whole press, every single corner is polished to a mirror finish and the entire press has just the perfect amount of weight so as not to be too heavy to handle, but not light enough to just skim across your countertop and end up in your significant other’s lap. This is hands down the one item that you’ll want to leave out of the cupboard for everyone to see, it is beautiful as much as it is useful. This truly is the Rolls Royce of French presses and even if you’re completely broke, making your coffee with this piece of art will make you feel like an English noble.

The press will make a cup of coffee in under 4 minutes which means that it is faster than your barista. When you’re done, the entire thing is ready to be thrown in the dishwasher. Those high quality materials aren’t just for show because durability is also a major factor here and you can be confident that this press will maybe even outlive you. Getting any other press will be downright disrespectful towards yourself.

Culinary Prestige weighs only 1.9 pounds and the dimensions are 9 x 6.4 x 5.2 inches